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EC Division Memos

118 Flexibility_Memo
19-20 SCD FoM Memo
2019 DB Census FAQ
2019 Deaf Blind Census Memo
2019 MTSS Funding
2019 September Count Memo
2019-20 Interpreter Training Hours Memo
2019-20 Significant Disproportionality Warning Lists
2019-20 Significant Disproportionality Determination
2019 Vision Screening
20190903 Monday Message
20190909 Monday Message
20191029 NCSIP APR Infographic
20191217 Final Bookshare Memo
2019-20 PRC 118 RSP ASD Funds Memo
2020 Distinguished Service Nomination Letter
2020 Indicator 14 Post Institute Session
2020 March Institute Memo
2020 Governors School
2020 Spring Tuition Memo
20200207 MEMOReEval AU
Allocation Change memo for FFS Reimbursement
Crisis Prevention Training Updates
CTE-IA Regional Meeting Memo-2020
CTE-IA Regional Meeting Memo
Daily Updates- 5.1.20.
Daily Updates 5.4.20
Daily Updates 5.8.20
Daily Updates- 5.13.20
Daily Updates- 5.15.20
Daily Updates- 5.20.20
Directions for EC Info for Parents listserv
DPI/DHHS School Mental Health Resource Mapping
EC Listerv for Parents
ELSSP 2020-2021 Assurances for Direct Services
ELSSP Assurances Memo 20-21
EOE Memo for Parents
Extended Content Standards
Fall 2019 Statewide Related Services Memo
Fall Tuition Memo 2019
Fall-Tuition Memo 2019
Foundations of Communications
Framework Memo Greensboro
Literacy Framework Memo 10.25
Medical Exception Memo
Memo-Conent for Release of contact information
Memo-HB1030 Consent for Release of Information to ESDB Schools 2019-20
Memo Medicaid Update
Memo on Child Find and PowerSchool
Memo PRC 119 funds
Memo RSP Documentation Webinar Sept2019
Memo SD-Mandatory CEIS-2020
Monday Messages 5.11.20
Monday Messages 5.30.20
Monday Messages 6.1.20
NC5 AIS Save the Date
New Electives Training
New Electives Webinar Memo
New Preschool EC Consultant
OCS Response and FAQ 5.15.20
Posters Session 2nd Call for Proposals
PRC 118 Autism Request for Funding Memo
Preschool Coodination User Types
Preschool Private School Memo
ProgressReports COVID
RSP_Statewide mtg memo_Fall 19 Updated
RtA EC memo
School Mental Health Resource Mapping
SD Warning Memorandum2020
Significant Disproportionality Determination Process-discipline-rev.2019
Steps for Conducting Active Child Count
Summer Program 19-20 revised
SS Academic Policy Update Memo
Stretching the ELA Extended Content Standards
Summer 2020 Tuition Reimbursement Memo
TPBA 2 Training

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