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EC Division Memos

Memo-Significant Disproportionality 2019
Memo-SLD Math Capacity
Memo-EvalReeval Funds Private School-Data
Memo-EvalReeval Funds Private School
Memo-Sch Based Enterprise-EC Conference
Memo-Haptic Training 0519
Memo-New Employee Announcement-Reg Coords
OSEP Symposium
Memo-HB 317 Data Collection 2018-19
Memo-BF10 Principles of Businesss and Finance
Memo-SDI within MTSS Cohort B Readiness
Memo-Extended Standards New Electives
Memo-Foundations Summer Institute 2019
Memo-NDLI 2019-21
69th Conference Call for Proposals
2019 Spring Statewide Meeting of Related Services Representatives
Memo-Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment-2 Training
K-8 Dig. Lit. Announcement v3
Fillable Justification Form3.21.19
1% Justification Letter
IDEA 611 and 619 Grant and BAAS Submissions
Memo-Regional Autism Support Team Meetings
2019 Dyslexia Delegate Memo
2019 Dyslexia Capacity Building Application
Memo-2019 Application Process for NC State Improvement Project
Memo-Public Notice-IDEA Grant 2019
Public Notice-State VI-B Application 2019
Public Notice-State Grant Comment 2019
Memo-April 2019 Child Count
Memo-Autism Diagnostic Observation PD
Memo-DB OSEP Census letter
2018 DB Census Instructions
2018 DB Census FAQ
Memo-Annual Deaf Blind Census
Memo-Documenting Related Services 2.15.19
Memo-Documenting Related Services on-Behalf-of Students with Disabilities
Memo-2017-18 End of Year Data Submission
Memo-2017-18 Federal Personnel Collection
Memo 2018 EC Discipline Guiding Practices Trainings
Memo-2018 Educator of Excellence
Memo-2018-19 Class Size Caseload Waivers
Memo-2019 Session of Governor School
Memo Application Dyslexia10.1.18
Memo-August 2018 ECATS Newsletter
Memo-DMA Policy 10C Changes and School Psychological Evaluation Services 08222018
Memo Dyslexia Capacity10.1.18
Memo-Grants to Improve Safety and Mental Health Supports in Public Schools
Memo Haptics DPI NCDBP Nov
Memo-HB1030 Consent for Release of Information to ESDB Schools 2018-19
Memo-July 2018 Crisis Prevention Update
Memo-July 2018 ECATS Newsletter
Memo-Medicaid Policy Update 07312018
Memo-NC SIP Obtaining Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials 082018
Memo-PRC118 Autism Funding Submission and Professional Learning Opportunities
Memo-Professional Development - Supporting Students with SLD in the General Education Classroom
Memo-Regionally Offered Adolescent Literacy Overviews
Memo-September 2018 Periodic Count End of Year Reporting - Exiting Data
Memo-Significant Cognitive Disability Foundations of Math
Memo SLD FactSheet#7
Memo SCD FoM Gaston Memo
Memo Statewide Meeting of Related Services Representatives
Memo Statewide Meeting of Related Services Representatives
Memo-Technical Assistance Webinar - Utilizing the School PSychology Evaluation Process to Support Effective Service Delivery
Memo-Webinar for Determining NCEXTEND 1 Eligibility
OEL Fall Regional Trainings ECD dateslocation
SLD Fact Sheet #7 ImplementationPlanning Oct18
Memo Annual Registration of Legally Blind Students
Memo Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
Memo 2019 Governors School Session
Clarification RSSD 2-1-19
Memo Support Description and CECAS Codes Data Migration
Memo Summer Programs
Memo AWARE Grant Announcement
Memo APH Funding Registration
Memo APH Parent Permission form English
Memo ECATS Newsletter October Final v3.0
Memo NCAPH Medical Addendum Form-final
Memo Schedule for December 2018 Periodic Child Count
Guidance Info Considerations for Specially Designed Instruction 2018
Memo-Annual Registration of Legally Blind Students Now Open
Memo-Child Find 2018-2019
Memo Tuition Reimbusement Application - Spring 2019
Memo APH Funding Registration

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