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EC Division Memos

ELSSP Request for Services 0617
ELSSP Assurances for Direct Services to LEAs
ELSSP Request for Services - Form VI
Artist Link Project 061417
NC Early Numeracy Skill Indicators
UMN Fall 2017 Flyer
AT Team Training
Artist Link Project
Interpreter Training Reporting 2016-17
Homebound Stakeholder-Survey
Surrogate Parent Training
Arts Access News
STEM Save the Date
Warning List 2016-17
2016-17 Warning List - Significant Disproportionality-Discipline
2016-17 Warning List - Significant Disproportionality- Identification
2016-17 - Warning List - Significant Disproportionality - Placement
Discipline Calculation
Risk Ratio Calculation
Significant Disproportionality Determination Process-discipline-2014
Significant Disproportionality Determination Process-Identification rev-2014
MTSS Universal Screening Early Numeracy
2017 Data Submission for Indicators 7, 11, and 12
PRC 118 AU Teams
Tuition Reimbursement Summer 2017 Application
Tuition Reimbursement Summer 2017 Memo
March Institute Feedback Memo
March Institute Feedback
EC Conference School Based Enterprise Bazaar
Call for Proposals Ext 0417
CEIS Permissive Use 0417
ELSSP Survey 0417
IDEA Grant Extension 0417
CEIS 0417
Alt Assessment Under ESSA 041217
Dyslexia Capacity Building Initiative
Related Services Workforce Survey Sample Roster 2017
Related Services Workforce Survey 2017
Related Services Workforce Survey Attachment
Related Services Workforce Survey 2017
PRC29 Funding for Fiscal Year 2017 2018
PBIS Funding for Fiscal Year 2017 2018
Summer Institutes 2017
Lead Related Svc Mtg 0317
Child Count 0417
SLD Fact Sheet #3
Dyslexia Capacity Building Applications
IDEA Part B Grant Public Notice Attachmt 0317
IDEA Part B Grant Public Notice 0317
Federal Quote Funds VI Changes 0217
ECATS 0217
NonPublic CRCs 0217
Early Childhood LRE OSEP Letter 0217
Early Childhood LRE 0217
Early Childhood Vision Screen 0217
SCD Math 0217
PRTF Approved 0217
Dyslexia Capacity Building Initiative
Dyslexia Capacity Building Application Memo
Dyslexia Capacity Building Application
NCVPS Math 1 Intervention
Occupational Course of Study - Charter Schools
Recruitment Retention of Special Educators Summit 011217
US DOE Updates 0117
March Institute 2017
Guiding Practices August 2008 011317
CEC 2017
Initial Allotments for IDEA Part B 611 funding (PRC 060)
Preschool TPBA2 1216
Tuition Reimb Spring
Dyslexia PD 1216
Legally Blind Registration 2017
PRC 118 Related Serv-AU 2016
Significant Disproportionality Federal Regulations
Tuition Reimb Spring 16 - Application
Compliance Timelines Areas Impacted by Hurricane Matthew
December 2016 Child Count Schedule
ELSSP Request for VI Services
ELSSP Request for VI Services Attachment
PRC 119 – Preschool Projects
SLD Fact Sheet #2
ELSSP – Request for Service
ELSSP – Request for Services Attachment
Assistive Tech Regional Meetings
NCSIP Announcing Sites
SCD Foundations of Math
Fall 2016 Lead Related Service Meeting
Change in Process: Indicators 11 and 12
Deaf-Blind Intervener Training
SIP Regional Coaches
HB 1030 Residential Schools
Federal Personnel Chart - Data Submission Table 2
NC Meets Requirements
PRC 29 Provision of Service
Autism Professional Development/PRC 118 Funding Applications
Class Size/Caseload Waivers
Educators of Excellence Nominations
September 2016 Periodic Count/End-of-Year Reporting: Exiting Data
PRC 29 Provision of Service

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