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Out-Of-District Placement Program (OOD)

To apply for and submit a special grant application, please visit: Submission is due by May 15th.


Purpose of Program
The Out-of-District Program is to assist local education agencies in funding the excess cost of the placement of an eligible child with disabilities in a program not operated by the local education agency. These placements may be public, private, residential, in state or out-of-state. All in state programs are the first consideration before any out-of-state placements are considered.

Children Served
The program serves children with disabilities ages 3 through 21 requiring alternative special education placements in school districts other than the local education agency where parents have legal residence.

Application Process 
Applications are submitted annually to the Special Programs and Data Section in the Exceptional Children Division. If a child remains in an out-of-district placement, the local education agency must submit an application each year the child continues in the placement.

Amount of Funds Per Child
See Per Child Allocations. The per child reimbursement is based on half the cost of the education placement including residential and extended school year services plus deductions for average daily membership, state aid for exceptional children and federal aid for exceptional children. A local education agency may not request funds if the cost of the out-of-district placement is below the sum of the per pupil allotments. 

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