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Group/Foster Home Program (GFH)

To apply for and submit a special grant application, please visit: Submission is due by May 15th.

Purpose of Program
These funds are for children with disabilities residing in group and foster homes that have not been counted on the previous school year’s December 1, April 1, or average daily membership child counts. These children are entitled to state aid, federal aid and average daily membership funds. The local education agency where the group home is located is responsible for the special education and related services for the students that reside in the group home.

Children Served
This program serves children with disabilities ages 3 through 21, residing in a group/foster home and not counted on the previous school years December 1, April 1 or average daily membership child counts.

Application Process
The applications are available to local education agencies in July. Applications are submitted within 60 days of the child’s enrollment to the Special Programs and Data Section in the Exceptional Children Division. 

Amount of Funds Per Child
See Per Child Allocations for program rate. The per child allocation is for ten months of educational services. The allocation is the sum of the average daily membership for the program, state aid for exceptional children, and federal aid for exceptional children. The amount per child is prorated based on the entry date of the child.

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