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Training Videos

System Overview – These videos provide information related to the system as a whole. System
access, user account information, student search, wizards and general administrative functions
are covered in this group. ECATS Training Video Suite- System Overview

User Type Guide: This video provides information regarding user types and permissions.

Main Menu and Search for Students: This video will demonstrate how to navigate the main menu and how to search for students.

My Reports: This video will demonstrate how to use the My Reports page.

My Account, My Docs and My Info: This video will demonstrate how to use the My Account, My Docs and My Info pages.

Wizards: This video will demonstrate the information found under the Wizards tab.

Zendesk: This video will demonstrate how to access Zendesk and submit support tickets to the HelpDesk.

Service Documentation Topics – These videos cover information related to the use of the Service
Documentation module. Topics and demonstrations range from the Plan of Care Document to
Service Documentation, Service Log Approval, Administrator functions and reporting. ECATS Training Video Suite- Service Documentation Topics

Student Information & Overview for Service Documentation: This video will demonstrate how to navigate the Main Menu, search for students, view a student’s history, set up a Service Documentation Caseload and set up Wizards.

Service Documentation Logging Wizard: This video will demonstrate the Service Documentation Logging Wizard.

Plan of Care (POC) Document: This video will demonstrate how to create and complete a Plan of Care for students on your caseload. Once a Plan of Care is completed for the first time on a student, by you or another provider of the same discipline, you will be able to follow these same steps to make updates in the workspace or sign your own copy of a Plan created by another provider within the same discipline.

Service Log Approval Process: This video will demonstrate the Service Log Approval Process including how to set up a user to require service log approval, review how supervisors approve logs, and how supervisees can resubmit rejected logs.

Clinician Reports: This video will demonstrate how to access and create Service Documentation Reports for Clinicians. Users can create many kinds of reports by hovering over the “Reporting” tab and selecting “Standard Reports”. We’ll highlight the main reports you may want to run often.

Administrator Functions Overview: This video will demonstrate Administrator Functions for Service Documentation by looking at the system from an administrator perspective. These video segments will be for users with Administrator-level permissions in the ECATS system.

Administrator Functions: User Setup and Clinician Certifications: This video will demonstrate the User Setup and Clinician Certifications processes and can be used by Administrator-level users in the ECATS system to set up other users in the system for the Service Documentation Module. We will cover providing users with the ability to access the Logging Wizards, setting up a user as needing supervision, entering certifications, as well as flagging a user as Do Not Bill.

Administrator Reports: This video will demonstrate how to run Service Documentation Administrator Reports. This video focuses on two areas, the first is Administrator level reports for reviewing service documentation and Plans of Care. The second half will focus on Fee for Service Program Management Reports for pulling data such as Medicaid Parent Consents, Doctor Authorizations, Total Services logged, and Average Time from Service to log.

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