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Indicator 14 Training Webinar Transcript


00:00:07.434 --> 00:00:12.503
Okay, 1st, I'm going to explain the indicator 14. exactly what that is.

00:00:12.923 --> 00:00:27.833
It is defined by the office of special education programs in the part B, state performance plan and the annual performance report part B, indicator measurement table. Now. I know that's a mouthful.

00:00:27.833 --> 00:00:38.514
And we're going to go through and break up the categories so that you can better understand what we're looking at. So indicator, 14 is the percent of youth.

00:00:38.820 --> 00:00:50.100
Who are no longer in secondary school they had an in effect at the time that they left school and they were.

00:00:50.100 --> 00:00:55.469
Enrolled in higher education in 1, year of leaving high school.

00:00:55.469 --> 00:01:02.700
Enrolled in higher education or competitively employed within 1 year of leaving high school.

00:01:02.700 --> 00:01:05.819
Enrolled in higher education.

00:01:05.819 --> 00:01:17.575
Or, in some other post, secondary education, or training program, or competitively employed in some other employment within 1 year of leading high school.

00:01:17.575 --> 00:01:29.215
So, you see, the common factor here is within 1, year of leaving high school, and over the next few slides, we'll dive into the definitions of these, a B and C categories.

00:01:30.540 --> 00:01:41.489
Higher education.

00:01:41.875 --> 00:01:51.234
This means enrolled in higher education as used in a B and C part that I mentioned in the previous slide use,

00:01:51.234 --> 00:01:57.084
have been enrolled in a full time or part time basis in a community college.

00:01:57.359 --> 00:02:11.610
That would be a 2 year program, or college University, a 4 or more year program for at least 1, complete term at any time. In the year. Since leading high school.

00:02:11.610 --> 00:02:19.830
The competitive employment part means.

00:02:20.275 --> 00:02:25.435
That students or youth have worked for pay at,

00:02:25.465 --> 00:02:27.264
or above minimum wage,

00:02:27.655 --> 00:02:34.465
in a setting with others who are non disabled for a period of 20 hours a week,

00:02:34.884 --> 00:02:41.094
for at least 90 days at any time in the year since leaving high school.

00:02:41.155 --> 00:02:43.435
And this includes military employment.

00:02:45.240 --> 00:02:59.819
Other post secondary education program or training this means enrolled in other post, secondary education or training.

00:02:59.819 --> 00:03:04.680
As indicated in that item number C, mentioned in a previous slide.

00:03:04.680 --> 00:03:15.539
These are used who have been enrolled on a full time or part time basis for at least 1 complete term at any time.

00:03:15.655 --> 00:03:28.074
In the year, since leaving high school in an education or training program, and that may include job core, adult education, a workforce development program a vocational technical school.

00:03:28.074 --> 00:03:31.375
That's not traditionally a 2 year program.

00:03:31.710 --> 00:03:35.789
Those are the kind of categories that we're talking about here.

00:03:39.294 --> 00:03:47.995
And then some other employment that's also used in that item number C means that these are used who have worked for pay,

00:03:48.025 --> 00:03:56.004
or they've been self employed for a period of at least 90 days at any time in the year since leaving high school.

00:03:56.245 --> 00:04:05.995
And this includes that them working in a family business, like a family store on the farm ranch in catering services things along that line.

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So, I think it's my turn to take over the overview over beside. Okay, this is Kelly. And, um, I did see a question pop into the chat. You will have access to this PowerPoint.

00:04:23.694 --> 00:04:35.634
And as a matter of fact, the link is right here to where we have posted the information and so we'll get that to you if Beverly, I don't know if you can drop that in the chat or not.

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So, North, the way that we do this North Carolina is a sampling state and that's why you're not for the most part other than, than a few districts called on to do this every year.

00:04:47.334 --> 00:04:54.175
We are on a 5 year plan, and we have posted the plan for the next 5 years. This link that.

00:04:54.658 --> 00:05:09.178
Slide, um, so we collect 2 sets of data. The, the 1st, 1 is the exit data and the data that you will be using is the data that you're reported in the fall of 2020 and.

00:05:09.178 --> 00:05:19.889
Um, and then we, we do the survey data and we'll be going through that survey with you and, um, that's the information that you will collect when you call your students. Um.

00:05:19.889 --> 00:05:23.939
Starting may 17th and going through September 17th.

00:05:26.394 --> 00:05:38.153
So, what data are collected we again, we collect the exit data and most of that is provided back to you. Um, or you are able to pull it yourself from your account from the fall of 2020.

00:05:38.153 --> 00:05:47.783
so, we're looking at demographic data, disability, race, ethnicity, and then their program data. So they're their post school goals and the type of program they attended.

00:05:49.613 --> 00:06:02.603
When you get into the survey, the questions that you will be asking are related to what Beverly just went over and that's what are their work work in school experiences? Are they being paid?

00:06:02.934 --> 00:06:14.454
What kind of school are they going to the number of hours that they work, or the number of hours that they're in school? Are they full time? Part time and how long have they been enrolled in the school?

00:06:17.278 --> 00:06:25.228
So, who are our etc? This is what we're going to be. I'm looking at when you verify the data.

00:06:25.228 --> 00:06:38.394
And I'll just go ahead and tell you, I have already pulled the data and chunked it out by the districts that are going to be required to make these calls this year. And that can be uploaded into your ecad resources page.

00:06:38.394 --> 00:06:46.374
If that's what you prefer, or you can pull it yourself using the ex account report under reports and special ed.

00:06:46.798 --> 00:06:56.999
So, we're looking at students who are ages 16 who exited in the 19, 2000 school year. So that's your, the ex account that you submitted in the fall of 2020.

00:06:56.999 --> 00:07:05.608
And then they're called between May, and September of 2021. so these are students who graduated.

00:07:05.608 --> 00:07:18.418
Dropped out, aged out or received a certificate, and they have not then return to school. So, our returners be our dropout who, um, dropped out after the age of 16. but then.

00:07:18.418 --> 00:07:32.999
Change their mind 3 year old in the 2021 school year. So those ones you wouldn't call and that that is a question on the survey where it would end the survey if they said, no, we went back to school.

00:07:34.319 --> 00:07:41.848
Let's see, I was thinking I was going to say something else here. Oh and so you are not.

00:07:41.848 --> 00:07:46.858
Includes being in this data set kids who are less than 16.

00:07:46.858 --> 00:07:51.449
Or anyone who may have been moved now to be continuing.

00:07:51.449 --> 00:08:04.048
So, from what we've gone over so far, we just want to open it up and feel free to unmute your Mike and and see what questions that you have. So far about what we've talked.

00:08:05.338 --> 00:08:14.098
Then we'll go into look at survey. I'm sorry, what was the dates of starting and finishing? It was May 2021 to win.

00:08:15.119 --> 00:08:28.829
70 of 2021 through September 17th 2021 that's the the timeframe that that survey tool will be open for. You guys to make your phone calls and, um.

00:08:28.829 --> 00:08:32.219
And provide the data back, thank you.

00:08:32.219 --> 00:08:39.269
What were you talking about talking about something being dropped into your resources? I didn't catch that.

00:08:39.269 --> 00:08:42.658
So, I have already pulled the.

00:08:42.658 --> 00:08:47.849
Data for the 8, and then I've broken it down by your districts.

00:08:47.849 --> 00:08:57.568
Um, so I've already I already have your indicator for team file available to you and if you would like to, like it up and upload it into your.

00:08:57.568 --> 00:09:04.619
Instance, so that when you log in and you scroll down on the homepage to resources, it can be available to you there.

00:09:04.619 --> 00:09:11.129
I would request that. How do you want us to do that? You can send me an email and I put my email in the chat.

00:09:11.129 --> 00:09:14.308
And request your your file.

00:09:14.308 --> 00:09:17.938

00:09:21.028 --> 00:09:25.558
If you cannot get online.

00:09:25.558 --> 00:09:29.339
Hello? Hello?

00:09:29.339 --> 00:09:36.719
Yes, I am on for some reason, I couldn't log in some on the phone, so.

00:09:36.719 --> 00:09:47.578
Could you give us, could you orally give us your number I mean, your emails? Because I can't get into the chat right now. I don't know. I can't do any.

00:09:47.578 --> 00:09:50.639
My email address is.

00:09:52.109 --> 00:09:57.839
Kelly? K. E. L. L. E. Y. dot blast. The L. S.

00:09:57.839 --> 00:10:10.619
At, and and our contact information as well as the PowerPoint, I'm barely going to send this out via email as well.

00:10:10.619 --> 00:10:22.823
Yes, Kelly, I think we did talk about sending it out to everyone by email and I wanted to mention I also dropped in the chat, the definitions in a 1 pager format.

00:10:23.124 --> 00:10:35.063
That was something created by the Postal outcome center. A few years back. We'll also send that out so you'll have kind of a handy dandy reminder of exactly what that a. B and C part means.

00:10:35.938 --> 00:10:47.249
Okay, thank you. And just as a reminder and I'll go back to the overview slide and click this link on the division website.

00:10:47.249 --> 00:10:50.999
The 2 events and reporting.

00:10:50.999 --> 00:11:00.178
We have posted the resources, including the power point, a copy of the survey and then the next 5 year samples.

00:11:09.568 --> 00:11:15.958
Any other questions right now. Okay.

00:11:15.958 --> 00:11:28.318
So, again, if if we do do the, the, if you do request to have your data posted for you, um, you would log into scroll to the bottom of the main page and then enter.

00:11:28.318 --> 00:11:33.119
Resources in general, you will see your indicator 14.

00:11:33.119 --> 00:11:37.979
And once I get posted, now, I would respond to your email and if it's there.

00:11:41.548 --> 00:11:48.269
So, looking at our last year data, so this is this a student surveyed in 2020.

00:11:48.269 --> 00:11:52.918
We had 2553.

00:11:52.918 --> 00:11:56.908
I'm sorry, did somebody have a question.

00:11:58.828 --> 00:12:03.359
We had 2553 Hughes who exited.

00:12:03.359 --> 00:12:11.038
And 733 or 2008% 28.71% of those responded to the interview.

00:12:11.038 --> 00:12:15.178
And of those responders, 28.

00:12:15.178 --> 00:12:18.239
151% were in higher education.

00:12:18.239 --> 00:12:26.759
69.99 enrolled in higher education or competitively employed within 1 year of leaving high school.

00:12:26.759 --> 00:12:33.359
80.76% of those responders enrolled in higher education.

00:12:33.359 --> 00:12:40.619
Or some other post, secondary education, or training program, or competitively employed, or in some other employment.

00:12:40.854 --> 00:12:55.073
And we had 19.24% of students who were not engaged. So we always try to give you the previous year's data to kind of see where we're at. And hopefully, we'll, we'll do a little bit better this year with our responders. We knew that we did go down.

00:12:57.479 --> 00:13:00.928
In 2020, compared to her to.

00:13:00.928 --> 00:13:04.619
We're pretty sure that I had to do with code.

00:13:04.619 --> 00:13:12.928
So, how, how are these data collected? We use a Qualtrics survey.

00:13:13.283 --> 00:13:26.844
And every state determines how they're going to do it themselves. So we have developed a new survey to collect our data for indicator 14 and districts are responsible for entering the data for each student, interviewed into the new survey.

00:13:27.714 --> 00:13:28.913
So let's go ahead.

00:13:29.219 --> 00:13:32.428
And have a look at the survey.

00:13:34.649 --> 00:13:43.288
For me.

00:13:47.519 --> 00:13:58.708
Okay, so it's pretty straightforward. You have your contacting Lsa and I'll just go through and fill 1 out. You would enter your power school number and that will be on your exit data information.

00:13:59.879 --> 00:14:06.839
The students disability and their effects are.

00:14:07.889 --> 00:14:14.663
And that information to you in your exit data, and then you have an option.

00:14:14.693 --> 00:14:24.443
So if phone range you're unable to reach the student, you can select this I think Beverly will let, you know, many I think we have some feedback.

00:14:33.354 --> 00:14:36.774
I think you have to start 6 on the phone. Thank you.

00:14:37.109 --> 00:14:40.528

00:14:42.173 --> 00:14:56.153
So, I think Beverly will share it with us how many times you need to contact in order and in order to just say, you know, we're unable to reach them or if the student says. No and I really don't want to answer any questions.

00:14:56.153 --> 00:15:01.764
Then you also have that option to select that was the survey completed we'll go with. Yes.

00:15:08.969 --> 00:15:16.318
And you start with your questions, do you go to high school now and you will only ask that question.

00:15:16.318 --> 00:15:19.798
Sorry to try to meet.

00:15:21.328 --> 00:15:27.028
Back, um.

00:15:27.028 --> 00:15:36.658
You would only ask the question if they go to high school. Now, if they, if their exit reason is dropped out or received a certificate, otherwise you just click. No, you don't even ask the question.

00:15:36.658 --> 00:15:40.259
Since leaving high school, have you had a job.

00:15:40.259 --> 00:15:43.318

00:15:43.318 --> 00:15:46.678
I went to the description of what their job is.

00:15:46.678 --> 00:15:52.649
And you have some options.

00:15:52.649 --> 00:15:59.879
So, if they just work in a store or something like that, you would, you would select in a company business or service.

00:16:01.229 --> 00:16:05.428
Did you have this job for 90 days or 3 or 4 months?

00:16:05.428 --> 00:16:10.198
An average of 20 hours a week or more.

00:16:15.028 --> 00:16:20.849
Did they earn minimum wage and then you can ask them for a description of their job and how they get paid.

00:16:20.849 --> 00:16:24.119
And just enter the information there.

00:16:24.119 --> 00:16:37.349
And then we go into the questions about whether or not, they're continuing their education or training. So, are they enrolled in classes and attending classes? What type of of.

00:16:37.349 --> 00:16:42.928
That's cool. Are they going to got several different options here?

00:16:45.749 --> 00:16:52.619
Did they attend a 2 year, or for your knowledge and, and and complete at least 1 term.

00:16:52.619 --> 00:16:59.698
Snippets another type of program to the complete 1 terms.

00:17:00.683 --> 00:17:12.503
And some open ended questions about if they said that they are, they are getting other rehab services, what type of program it is, and anything else that they'd like to share. We want to make it like a conversation.

00:17:12.503 --> 00:17:15.923
So, you're, you're talking with them and asking them, you know.

00:17:17.009 --> 00:17:21.298
Their education, their training and their work.

00:17:23.578 --> 00:17:38.489
And that is the, that would complete the survey. You will have a summary once once you complete it. Um, you can download the app, it'll open up for you and you can save that. Um, so that you would have a copy of.

00:17:38.489 --> 00:17:42.749
All of your students information that you received a response on.

00:17:42.749 --> 00:17:47.909
Are there any questions about the survey itself?

00:17:47.909 --> 00:17:51.808
Or Beverly, do you have anything you want to add?

00:17:51.808 --> 00:17:59.128
We did have 1 question in the chat box. Let me see if I can find it.

00:17:59.128 --> 00:18:06.298
The question is on the 5 year cycle list.

00:18:06.298 --> 00:18:12.689
Are those schools students that graduated last year?

00:18:16.499 --> 00:18:19.739

00:18:20.064 --> 00:18:24.834
Yes, sorry my my mute unmute wasn't working too good.

00:18:25.763 --> 00:18:40.013
No, so the the new 5 year cycle list that's posted is actually, for next year, you guys should have your list for this year that so that the list that's posted, actually starts next year.

00:18:40.013 --> 00:18:44.453
So, it'll be students who graduate in 2021, and then the calls will happen.

00:18:45.989 --> 00:18:49.048
In the 2022 school year.

00:18:49.048 --> 00:18:52.078
All right the summer of 2022.

00:18:54.449 --> 00:19:00.058
The new list starting next year.

00:19:06.628 --> 00:19:16.259
Any other questions about the survey itself.

00:19:17.368 --> 00:19:20.999

00:19:21.503 --> 00:19:35.874
Kelly, I did draw a link in the chat box for the survey and then, I think in some upcoming slides, I'll talk to them a little bit more about strategies related to that. So we'll circle back around to it. Let's see, we have a couple of questions coming in.

00:19:36.449 --> 00:19:39.929
Is the list broken down by school?

00:19:41.489 --> 00:19:55.403
I think only for our big 5, is that right? Beverly we only we only do that. Yes, yes. Yes. And I haven't had a chance to look at the new posting on the website and we actually posted that as a request from the field.

00:19:55.403 --> 00:20:05.963
Because folks were wanting to know when their, when their turn was up. And that would kind of help. You keep track of it unless you're the big 5 and, you know, you're in it every every year.

00:20:06.594 --> 00:20:14.513
So we might be providing that to you on a yearly basis. If it's not posted on there. I'll double check that.

00:20:16.044 --> 00:20:29.634
And I just say, go ahead, just in addition to the, the question about post it, or is the list by school so your exit data will have the school in it. So you would, you would be able to sort it by school.

00:20:29.663 --> 00:20:44.604
If you needed to separate it out, you wanted somebody at each school to make those calls. You would be able to do that. But if you are not 1 of the big 5, you are, you are expected to try to make contact with everyone that falls into the requirements.

00:20:45.263 --> 00:20:49.344
So, 16 and older graduated dropped out, received a certificate.

00:20:49.618 --> 00:21:01.348
Or reach maximum age. Okay, go ahead. Fairly. I'm sorry, we do have another question, but I'm going to put that 1 on hold because we're going into that in detail in the next few slides.

00:21:01.348 --> 00:21:06.388

00:21:10.523 --> 00:21:25.433
Okay, me again so now we're going to talk a little bit about why post school outcomes are so important and 1 of the reasons is because this is something we are required to report as part of our state plans.

00:21:25.733 --> 00:21:26.003

00:21:26.003 --> 00:21:26.453

00:21:26.453 --> 00:21:37.523
because if we look at we see that 1 of the purposes is that we are to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them,

00:21:37.554 --> 00:21:44.243
a free appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related services,

00:21:44.574 --> 00:21:50.394
designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for further education,

00:21:50.394 --> 00:21:52.104
employment and independent living.

00:21:52.104 --> 00:22:02.153
So that's why this piece is so important that that's part of our requirement is to prepare students for further education, employment and independent living.

00:22:02.459 --> 00:22:16.588
So, I'm going to go over some tips for success in the next few slides and then I'm going to share with you a couple of things that some of you have shared with us along the way and.

00:22:16.588 --> 00:22:24.209
In hopes that this will help this process, go a little easier for you. So here are some things to keep in mind.

00:22:24.743 --> 00:22:35.364
You will want to, in some cases, utilize social media to locate students because once they leave school and keeping in mind, you're calling them a year after they graduate.

00:22:35.933 --> 00:22:41.574
They may have moved around and you may need to kind of find out where they are now.

00:22:41.574 --> 00:22:54.114
And so, sometimes tracking them down on social media is 1 way to do that another way to do that is to contact relatives or someone who may know the student also.

00:22:54.624 --> 00:23:09.294
It's helpful to have the folks who are making the calls and gathering the information required to complete the survey. It's helpful if you train them and how to make those calls.

00:23:09.324 --> 00:23:13.463
And we'll talk about that as I talk about some of the lessons,

00:23:13.463 --> 00:23:16.193
we've learned from this along the way,

00:23:16.554 --> 00:23:20.903
but you'll also want to be strategic and when you conduct the interviews,

00:23:20.933 --> 00:23:22.584
if you're calling in the morning,

00:23:22.584 --> 00:23:23.423
and you're finding that,

00:23:23.423 --> 00:23:24.894
you've called twice in the morning.

00:23:24.894 --> 00:23:38.304
And you weren't able to reach them, then that next time, you call you may want to call late afternoon, or at a different time. So that you can catch them. And that kind of goes into call it varying times. If you can't get them the 1st, time.

00:23:38.723 --> 00:23:52.943
And then we just ask that before you close out that call, just try 1 more time to reach them to get the answers to the questions for the survey. Because this information is very valuable and helpful to us.

00:23:53.243 --> 00:23:56.874
And I'll talk about how you can use that. And just a minute.

00:24:01.374 --> 00:24:01.884

00:24:01.913 --> 00:24:04.493
part of the next step reminders is that,

00:24:04.703 --> 00:24:07.403
as you start planning for this calling part,

00:24:07.614 --> 00:24:16.644
you want to make sure you've identified a contact person as soon as possible who's going to be heading up this project who's going to be managing.

00:24:17.999 --> 00:24:24.689
Verifying the list who's going to be managing who's going to make the calls that sort of thing?

00:24:24.689 --> 00:24:38.009
So, that may be you on the call today, or it may be someone else, but it's very important that you get that person established right away. So they can begin the planning process of all those pieces.

00:24:38.009 --> 00:24:50.969
And then you want to make sure that you conduct the interviews and enter in the responses in that survey within the window, which is may 17th through September 17th of this year. 2021.

00:24:51.804 --> 00:24:52.253

00:24:52.554 --> 00:24:54.534
as I'm talking through,

00:24:54.534 --> 00:24:55.703
that I want to share with you,

00:24:55.703 --> 00:24:56.903
some lessons learned,

00:24:57.384 --> 00:25:01.463
and some of the things that other folks have shared with us,

00:25:01.493 --> 00:25:04.943
and 1 has been something that's been,

00:25:04.943 --> 00:25:05.273
I think,

00:25:05.273 --> 00:25:12.023
very helpful to other people that I want to share every time and learn this little tip from Charlotte Mac,

00:25:12.023 --> 00:25:15.773
and I think Tracy is on the call so I'm going to welcome her to chime in.

00:25:15.773 --> 00:25:20.693
After I finish if she would like to do that 1 thing that we did learn from.

00:25:21.683 --> 00:25:35.273
Then, is that when you go to enter in your survey data, you can't enter and part of it and save it and come back and finish it later. You'll really need to enter everything in and then submit.

00:25:35.693 --> 00:25:42.534
So 1 of the strategies that we learned is that it's very helpful. If you print off a copy.

00:25:43.253 --> 00:25:57.834
Of the survey, and you identify on the, you record on the printed copy the responses and then once you have a stack of those completed, then someone can enter in all the completed wants.

00:25:58.853 --> 00:26:10.013
And 1 of the things I also wanted to bring to your attention about that printed copy and the question number 10, that Kelly shared with us, that was kind of an open ended question.

00:26:10.403 --> 00:26:25.253
We really want you to use that question to help you in your planning to help you plan PLCs for your teachers to help you plan any other way that you can help students who are still currently in

00:26:25.253 --> 00:26:28.013
school with you have a better Postal outcome.

00:26:28.253 --> 00:26:38.784
So, for instance, I think 1 of the questions that Tracy shared with me, and again, I'll let her chime in. If I don't have this right was that they ask questions as they're.

00:26:39.689 --> 00:26:47.124
Closing out what kinds of things did you find that you needed after you graduated,

00:26:47.153 --> 00:27:00.144
that maybe you didn't learn when you were in school and see by probing that way you're finding out where are some gaps where some things that you might want to implement in your instructional plan to help students,

00:27:00.144 --> 00:27:02.574
be better prepared for post go outcomes.

00:27:02.814 --> 00:27:15.023
And I think another question that I think that they ask was around. Are there any additional connections that you need now? Are there any additional resources that you need now?

00:27:15.023 --> 00:27:24.203
That we might be able to provide you with to help you with whatever your plan is, as you have exited school. Tracy.

00:27:24.203 --> 00:27:34.193
I don't want to put you on the spot, but I'm going to give you an opportunity if you want to add in a little bit that you've learned since you are 1 of the ones who call every year. So, you've had quite a bit of practice with this.

00:27:34.709 --> 00:27:49.588
Thanks Beverly. I think you said it all perfectly. I think just trying to make it a conversation and making sure that you address that. If they have any questions before you go. And if they need any services.

00:27:52.739 --> 00:27:57.659
Okay, thank you Tracy for sharing that. So that's been.

00:27:58.584 --> 00:28:13.223
Very helpful for us to kind of know how other districts have handled this process. Just keep in mind that when you are gathering the information again, you can't put half of it in and save it and come back to it later.

00:28:13.223 --> 00:28:19.824
So, that's why it's very important. That you have a mechanism to record the responses and then have someone enter those in for, you.

00:28:23.459 --> 00:28:33.298
Okay, and so now we're going to take a pause for just a minute and see if you have any questions about what we've shared with you up to this point.

00:28:35.038 --> 00:28:44.638
Kelly, I'm going to check the chat box for us. It looks like we've got some things in here and if you want, I can read you the questions. I think most of them are going to be for, you.

00:28:44.638 --> 00:28:56.338
Okay, so can we speak with a parent if the student is unavailable? Yes, you may speak with someone else to get that information. If they are someone who is familiar with the student.

00:28:58.913 --> 00:29:12.263
And are we collecting data on 1 year graduate students, or students are 5 years and now we have a 5 year plan. But you're only calling students who graduated this year in the 19, 2000 school year.

00:29:12.263 --> 00:29:18.953
So, the, the 5 year plan that you see out there is is who's going to be on the list to make calls in the next 5 years.

00:29:22.769 --> 00:29:29.669
And would contact through email, be acceptable if I can't talk to them by phone can I put the questions in an email?

00:29:35.788 --> 00:29:49.229
Well, yeah, I heard the question, you know, it takes me a minute to get it processed. I'm thinking that through I would think.

00:29:49.229 --> 00:29:58.259
That I wouldn't want to make that as a practice for every 1 but if you run into a situation where you can't.

00:29:58.259 --> 00:30:10.314
Make contact with them for whatever reason. You can't get anyone to talk to you about the student. I think that personal contact is always your best bet to go.

00:30:10.733 --> 00:30:16.403
Because, as Tracy said, it really is a conversation and you're trying to probe and get.

00:30:16.709 --> 00:30:29.909
You know, as much information as you can, which, I don't know that they'd be accurate and their interpretation of what you're asking them because those, a B, and C are so.

00:30:29.909 --> 00:30:40.979
They're, they're specific about what you're capturing and I don't think our students are going to understand the distinction between those. I'd be very hesitant to make that a practice.

00:30:42.568 --> 00:30:51.419
I hope that answers the question. I'm not keen on it I guess is what I'm saying. Let's see. Do we have another question.

00:30:53.759 --> 00:31:01.558
Um, for and I think you'd already answered this, but versus certificate or extend students who have a guardian can we speak with the Guardian?

00:31:01.558 --> 00:31:10.259
Yes, you may speak with the Guardian and if a student starts college after high school, then stops to work, which is counted.

00:31:10.259 --> 00:31:15.118
I think what you look at is.

00:31:15.118 --> 00:31:22.078
Reference that 1 pager sheet that I entered into the chat box and again, we'll send it to you as we.

00:31:22.078 --> 00:31:28.469
Send out information to you through the email, but just look at the categories because.

00:31:28.469 --> 00:31:31.679
It gives you specifically if they.

00:31:31.679 --> 00:31:37.348
Do something within a timeframe or if they complete 1 1.

00:31:37.348 --> 00:31:51.179
Course, or if they complete 90 days, it gives you some parameters there. So, just kind of look at that chart and kind of answer according to the parameters that it gives you. I think that will help you with.

00:31:51.179 --> 00:31:56.788
Uh, that piece of it.

00:31:56.788 --> 00:32:09.179
And if the interviewee does not doesn't want to answer all of the questions, but provide some information, can we just enter what they give us example? They tell us where they are working, but not how many hours or wages.

00:32:10.044 --> 00:32:21.894
Yeah, I think that 1, what, what really we need is as much information as we can get, because that determines which of the categories, the a B, or C, they're counted in and that gives us more accurate data.

00:32:21.894 --> 00:32:36.894
If we don't put it in correctly, then it's going to throw off what we're trying to capture, but sometimes they will, you can ask some probing questions to kind of figure out how many hours they're working and what their wages are.

00:32:37.973 --> 00:32:46.763
So sometimes you just probing a little deeper, you can get those answers. They may not really understand that they're making minimum wage or that sort of thing.

00:32:46.763 --> 00:32:55.344
But, if you know that they're working at a certain establishment, you know, that they're required to pay minimum wage, that sort of thing then.

00:32:55.709 --> 00:33:03.088
You know, you can answer that question because, you know, based on where they're working. So I think you kind of have to get.

00:33:04.259 --> 00:33:10.048
Get some probing questions yourself kind of going to kind of figure out what the responses are going to be.

00:33:10.048 --> 00:33:18.959
Okay, and the last question is, how do we document no response and that that is an option.

00:33:18.959 --> 00:33:26.699
After you enter the demographic information, if you're unable to get a response 1 of the options is no response and it would end the survey for, you.

00:33:28.048 --> 00:33:37.618
That's the last question I see that. Really? Okay. Yeah.

00:33:42.689 --> 00:33:53.009
Okay all right so if there aren't any other questions, we have our contact information. Is that correct? In case you think of something later.

00:33:55.229 --> 00:34:08.938
That's correct. And again, you can email me if you'd like your data upload it for you. If if I do upload it, I would still encourage you to go ahead and pull your ex account and just compare it.

00:34:08.938 --> 00:34:20.664
To make sure that that what I've got is what you've got and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. And then again, we posted our resources on the link on the last page and Beverly.

00:34:20.664 --> 00:34:25.643
If we want to post the stuff that you've dropped in the chat, we can also add that to the page.

00:34:25.949 --> 00:34:34.108
Yes, that'd be great. Thank you. Very, very much. Thank you. Everyone.

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