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Future Release Considerations

Can all lists be listed in the same column/format under each subject area in Accommodations?

We will consider this request for a future release.


Will North Carolina Check-ins and mClass/iStation be listed under State Assessments?

We will consider this request for a future release.


Can Modified Assignments and Demonstration Teaching be added to Accommodations?

We will consider this request for a future release. In the interim, users can document these under custom assessments.


Can a dropdown be added for Transition Services?

No. Transition services should be customized for each student's unique needs.


Many of the Speech Language assessments are old.  Can they be removed.

The EC Division will routinely use analytics to review the usage rate for any item in any list inside of the system. We will make decisions regarding additions and deletions based on those data and adjust lists appropriately at scheduled releases.


Can the Speech Language choices under Consent to Evaluate be condensed? 

The choices currently reflect the policy requirements for different areas of suspected disabilities.


Will the ECATS system make it more streamline and easier to document therapy sessions and progress monitoring. The current program we are using has these as 2 separate documentation pages. This can be time-consuming and we are entering essentially the same information twice. If this is not part of ECATS maybe you should consider adding it.

We will consider this request for a future release.


When selecting suspected areas of eligibility on the referral form it shows an error message if we do not select the correct areas of assessments that are required for eligibility determination.  Is there any way it can just populate those checkboxes already and then leave the options open for additional areas we want to assess in?  The error message is nice, but it would be easier for teachers to have some of the boxes prefilled.

We will consider this request for a future release.


Is there a way that if an error message appears the area that the error is referring to can be hyperlinked back to where the error is? For example, if the error was on Services could the highlighted go back to services.

We will consider this request for a future release.


These two labels are backwards on the Referral screen in the ECATS training site: “Referral Source” and “Referral Source Position.”  One has a dropdown and one has an open text box.  Referral Source Position should actually be connected to the dropdown, as the dropdown includes positions.  Referral Source should be the open text box, as that is where you type in the name of the referral source.

We will consider this request for a future release.


Will you be adding  “surrogate” to the drop off list on the student’s team?

We will consider this request for a future release. 


Accommodations specifications are not requested in order to finalize the paperwork. If there are not specifications on how the accommodations are going to be provided, how will the test coordinator know when the students needs breaks, how many students can he test with etc.? This will be a problem, as many teachers will accidentally skip this and still be able to finalize the IEP. 

Local policy can require that implementation specifics are included for ALL accommodations. We did not choose to require this as some accommodations may be self-explanatory.


In IEP > Accommodations > State Tests, only the state tests for the student’s current and next grade level are supposed to appear as options.  This doesn't seem to be functioning correctly.

Thank you for your message. We will update the site so that tests are assigned to the correct grade levels. 


Lists for Areas Assessed and Accommodations/Modifications in the IEP need to be alphabetized.

Thank you for your message. We will alphabetize all areas.


Could hearing/vision screen be added to the assessment checklist?

Once you click health screening other selection choices appear near the bottom.  This is where you will find hearing and vision screenings.




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