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NC Extended Content Standards


English Language Arts

The new Extended Content Standards ELA K-12 adopted June 2017 for IMPLEMENTATION 2018-19 school year

Standard Course of Study to Extended Content Standard Alignment


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

9-10th Grade

11-12 Grade

Vertical Alignment of the Extended Content Standards





K-8 Mathematics Extended Content Standards
The new K-8 Extended Content Standards were adopted September 2017 for Implementation 2018-19.

ECS - Math  K-8 Crosswalk 2017

Extended K Mathematics

Extended 1st Grade Mathematics

Extended 2nd Grade Mathematics

Extended 3rd Grade Mathematics

Extended 4th Grade Mathematics

Extended 5th Grade Mathematics

Extended 6th-8th Grade Mathematics

NC Math 1A&B Extended Content Standards - Implementation SY 2017-18

Extended Essential Standards Financial Management

Standard Course of Study to Extended Content Standard Alignment

Grades 3 – 8

Vertical Alignment of the Extended Content Standards



High School


Extended K-2 Science

Extended 3-5 Science

Extended 6-8 Science

Extended High School Life Science

Extended HS Biology A&B

Social Studies

Extended K Social Studies

Extended 1st Grade Social Studies

Extended 2nd Grade Social Studies

Extended 3rd Grade Social Studies

Extended 4th Grade Social Studies

Extended 5th Grade Social Studies

Extended 6th Grade Social Studies

Extended 7th Grade Social Studies

Extended 8th Grade Social Studies

Extended Civics and Governance

Extended American History I and II

Economics and Personal Finance

ECS EPF Extended Content Standards

Elective Courses

Vocational Preparation

Health, Safety, and Independent Living

Dot Notation for Standards
Home Base, the student information and instructional improvement system, provides resources that are aligned to these standards and provides the ability for teachers to conduct standards-based grading, where appropriate. To support these functions, each standard within the North Carolina Standard Course of Study has been associated with a unique dot notation as outlined at

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