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Early Learning Sensory Support



North Carolina Early Learning Sensory Support Program (NC-ELSSP) is a state funded direct service provider for young children with visual and or hearing impairments aged birth to 5 years old and their families. Services for children and families are provided in all 100 counties in North Carolina by licensed staff that have specialized training to meet the unique needs of children who are visually and or hearing impaired. Services are provided in the children’s natural environments which may include their homes, childcare centers, and schools. NC Early Learning Sensory Support Program empowers and collaborates with parents and families to help their children attain their life long goals through early learning opportunities. NC Early Learning Sensory Support staff is dedicated to educating children, families, colleagues, and other service providers through their knowledge of vision and hearing impairments.

NC Early Learning Sensory Support Program Services:

    • Functional Vision Assessments (VI)
    • Occupational Therapy (VI)
    • Orientation and Mobility Services (VI)
    • Pre-Braille and Braille Training (VI)
    • Learning Media Assessments (VI)
    • Direct Instruction to address Sensory Needs (VI & HI)
    • Professional Development for Providers (VI & HI)
    • Training and Support for Families (VI & HI)
    • Language Assessments (HI)

    The vision of the NC-ELSSP is, “each child will be honored, respected, and empowered to achieve success in school and life.” In support of this, we know that hearing and vision are key pathways for learning in early childhood. All children learn at their own pace. Children with vision and or hearing impairments can maximize their learning potential when provided with unique strategies and given direct, intentional instruction specific to their vision and or hearing needs.

    Additional Information for Public School Systems

    If you are a Public School system and would like more information about how the NC Early Learning Sensory Support Program might be able to serve you, please contact:

    , Intake Coordinator NC-ELSSP-VI:
    , Intake Coordinator NC-ELSSP-HI:

    Request for Services Forms for Public School Systems

    For Parents of Children Birth to Three

    If you have a child under the age of three with a vision loss, hearing loss, or both, please visit the NC Infant Toddler Program website at Here you will find more information about the process to enroll your child in the NC Early Intervention Program for children with disabilities. Once you have made contact with the NC Infant Toddler Program and are in the enrollment process, please request a referral to the Early Learning Sensory Support Program.

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