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Each year the NCDBP is required by the federal government to conduct a child count and submit specific information. This information determines North Carolina’s share of federal grant money which is used to provide professional development and technical assistance to families and service providers of children who are identified as deaf-blind. The count is a snapshot of eligible students on December 1st. The count includes infants and toddlers, children, and youth birth through 21 years of age.

The DB Census should include “Children with COMBINED FUNCTIONAL or documented vision and hearing loss which may interfere with their ability to a) communicate and interact with others in educational and/or social settings; to access information (spoken, social media, print); and b) move about safely and efficiently in familiar and unfamiliar environments”. The definition also includes individuals with documented functional loss and/or with progressive conditions such as Usher's Syndrome.

Documented Functional Vision Loss – a) as reported on the eye report from an optometrist or ophthalmologist, b) a Functional Vision Assessment (FVA) completed by a Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Blind which addresses specific vision loss, c) an FVA or Christine Roman-Lantzy Assessment documenting a Cortical Vision Impairment.

Documented Functional Hearing Loss – a) as documented on an audiogram or speech test or b) results from a Functional Hearing Assessment indicating a behaviors characteristic of hearing loss or atypical auditory development without a corresponding pathology in the auditory system. 

Eligibility is not determined or limited by:
  • Area of Eligibility (primary or secondary) identified on IEP 
  • Receiving Related Services such as Vision, Hearing, OT, PT, APE, etc. 
  • Additional disabilities such as significant intellectual, behavioral, health, or communication

There is an on-line submission of the census data; instructions required for the report are attached. Go to the following link in order to access the on-line survey:

If you have questions about the Annual Deaf-Blind Census, please contact Dorothy Snyder, Coordinator of the North Carolina Deaf-Blind Project, at 919.807.3989 or via email

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