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Fall 2020 Virtual Recognition

In lieu of the regular Educator of Excellence celebration, which will not occur this year due to the cancellation of the annual Conference on Exceptional Children, the Exceptional Children Division has created a new way for districts to recognize outstanding educators, related service personnel and special education support staff providing services to students with disabilities during this unprecedented time.

Exceptional Children Program Directors and Coordinators were invited to recognize Extraordinarily Exceptional Educators in their district throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. This is the first virtual recognition of this school year. There will be additional opportunities to recognize Extraordinarily Exceptional Educators during the winter and spring.

The following professionals are recognized as outstanding teachers, related service personnel, and special education support staff serving students with disabilities in their district, charter school, residential school, or state operated program for fall 2020. Please join the Exceptional Children Division in congratulating each professional on his or her extraordinary dedication and excellence to students. Bravo!


North Central
Ashley Cooper.Rocky Mt. Prep240x300
Ashley Cooper - Rocky Mt. Prep
Ashley Hudson.Chapel Hill Carrboro City240x300
Ashley Hudson - Chapel Hill- Carrboro
Danie'l Johnson. Chatham Youth Development Center240x300
Danie'l Johnson - Chatham Youth Dev. Center
Jennifer Lampley.Harnett County240x300
Jennifer Lampley - Harnett County
Morgan Dollar.Nash County240x300
Morgan Dollar - Nash County
Vivian White Jones.Warren County240x300
Vivian White-Jones - Warren County
Karen Poole - Pitt County
Lisa Gallelli - Currituck County
Stephan Bill.Elizabeth City Pasquotank240x300
Stephan Bill - Elizabeth City Pasquotank
Victor Chilaka - Northampton County
Brandi Mull. Burke  County240x300
Brandi Mull - Burke County
Elizabeth Fox. Catawba County240x300
Elizabeth Fox - Catawba County
Heather Pardue. Wilkes County240x300
Heather Pardue - Wilkes County
Janet McDaniel. Burke County240x300
Janet McDaniel - Burke County
Kim Beck. Burke County240x300
Kim Beck - Burke County
Meg Harmon. Newton Conover City240x300
Meg Harmon - Newton Conover City
Brandie Jones.Stokes County Schools240x300
Brandie Jones - Stokes County
Kaitlin Horne.Thomasville City Schools240x300
Kaitlin Horne - Thomasville City
Piedmont Triad Photos240x300
Sandra Gabbey - Surry County
Wendy McLeod.Randolph County Schools240x300
Wendy McLeod - Randolph County
Jayne Cummings.Moore County240x300
Jayne Cummings - Moore County
Jessika Hurler.Moore County240x300
Jessika Hurler - Moore County
Teresa Kennedy.Clinton City240x300
Teresa Kennedy - Clinton City
Cathy Bodle. Craven County School240x300
Cathy Bodle - Craven County
Chrissy Taylor. Onslow County Schools240x300
Chrissy Taylor - Onslow County
Jennifer Coor. Wayne County Public Schools240x300
Jennifer Coor - Wayne County
Addie Philemon.Union County240x300
Addie Philemon - Union County
Amanda Thornton.Union County240x300
Amanda Thornton - Union County
Barbara Scruggs.Piedmont Community Charter240x300
Barbara Scruggs - Piedmont Comm. Charter
Christina Musson - Charlotte Mecklenburg
Cyndi Moore.Cabarrus County240x300
Cyndi Moore - Cabarrus County
Kalisa Norman.Cleveland County240x300
Kalisa Norman - Cleveland County
Karen Sprouse.Rowan Salisbury240x300
Karen Sprouse - Rowan Salisbury
Kathy Howard.UnionCounty240x300
Kathy Howard - Union County
Melinda Cole.Cleveland County240x300
Melinda Cole - Cleveland County
Melissa Haynes.Union County240x300
Melissa Haynes - Union County
Natalie Griffin.Union County240x300
Natalie Griffin - Union County
Sarah Edmonson.Cleveland County240x300
Sarah Edmonson - Cleveland County
Tiffany Brown.Union County240x300
Tiffany Brown - Union County
Tina Shaeffer.Gaston County240x300
Tina Shaeffer - Gaston County
Eric Florence. Art Space Charter School240x300
Eric Florence - Art Space Charter
Jeff Grier. Madison County240x300
Jeff Grier - Madison County
Judy Jennings.Clay County240x300
Judy Jennings - Clay County
Kaysee Grogan. Asheville City Schools240x300
Kaysee Grogan - Asheville City Schools

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