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Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Licensure/Certification in School Psychology

Question: I would like to become a school psychologist, what do I need to do?
Answer: In order to become a school psychologist in North Carolina, you first must have a school psychology degree (M.A., Ed.S. or Ph.D.) from an approved NASP, APA or NCATE program. Unfortunately, at this time, most online programs have not been approved. Once you have your degree (from North Carolina or another state), you will proceed through the certification process through DPI. You may access this information here

Question: I have a degree in counseling psychology/clinical psychology and would like to have my transcript reviewed to see which credits would transfer so that I may become a school psychologist. Who could do a transcript review?
Answer: No university program or person from DPI will do a transcript review. One must have a degree in school psychology in order to be a school psychologist in North Carolina.

Topic: TBI registry and certification

Question: Where can I find a school psychologist who has been certified in TBI?
Answer: Exceptional Children Directors for each school district have the most current copy of the registry. In addition, Dr. Makor (school psychology consultant) can email you the most recent copy of the registry .


Topic: Autism assessment

Question: For evaluating autism, is giving the CARS sufficient?
Answer: No. While the CARS (Childhood Autism Rating Scale) is a useful tool to use as part of a battery of assessments, it should not solely be used for an autism evaluation.

Topic: Extended Summer Employment Contracts for School Psychologists

Question: I am licensed/certified to practice by the State Department of Public Instruction only. Are NC school psychologists allowed to accept extended employment contracts through the summer without licensure from the NC Psychology Board as well?
Answer:Under the North Carolina Psychology Practice, school psychologists licensed by the Department of Public Instruction are exempt from licensure under certain conditions. The exemption under statute for school psychologists to practice in the public schools of North Carolina can be found at N.C. General Statute § 90-270.4(c). You may find this reference at the Board’s website, Click on "NC Psychology Practice Act," and go to page 2. You will note that individuals who are "certified" (now, "licensed") by the State Department of Public Instruction (DPI) may perform their duties in such a manner that nothing in the act can be construed to limit their activities, services, or titles as long as they are "regular salaried employees" of a local board of education or of DPI.

Therefore, if the extended employment through the summer is, in fact, employment as a "regular salaried employee" under a continuing W-2 relationship with the LEA, then it is not an issue for the Board. If, however, this "employment" is on an hourly, per child/per evaluation, or other contractual arrangement for which you receive payment that is to be documented on a 1099 basis, then any school psychologist who enters into such an agreement may be in violation of the Practice Act under N.C.G.S. § 90-270.16(a)(b)(c). Any school psychologist who is licensed by the North Carolina Psychology Board may enter into such an arrangement, however.

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