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Risk Pool Program (RPF)

Children with Disabilities - Risk Pool (IDEA) Program Report Code (PRC 114)

The IDEA gives funding flexibility to states in providing needed resources for high cost special education services for student with "high needs."

Children Served

Applications are submitted annually for "high need" Children with Disabilities. "High need" is defined as any special education and/or related service(s) that is three times the per pupil expenditure and has a fiscal impact that limits and/or inhibits LEA/charter school's ability to provide special education and related services. A student considered "high need" may be funded annually, up to 5 years, if the same level of service is needed and the student continues to meet eligibility requirements.

Application Process

Applications are submitted annually to the Special Programs Section in the Exceptional Children Division. Risk Pool applications include a rubric and only “high needs” students with a rubric score of eight (8) or higher will be considered for funding. If a student continues to require the same level of service, the local education agency must submit an application, including proof of eligibility, each year.

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