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Funding Transfer Request Forms

Instructions for Charter School/Local Education Agency

LEAs and Charter Schools should use this form to report all children with disabilities transferred to their schools within the first sixty instructional days of the school year.

The information collected on these forms are required by state and federal legislation to determine the amount of state and federal funds each LEA or Charter School receives for children with disabilities. Each child must have been included in the most current December 1 headcount in order to generate federal funds and/or in the most recent April 1 child count to generate state funds. The headcount is based on the exact number of children who on the day of the headcount have been appropriately identified, according to Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities and receiving special education and related services.

This is an unduplicated count of eligible/identified children with disabilities (identified by the Individualized Education Program Team (IEP Team). Each child eligible for counting shall be counted ONCE under the PRIMARY disability classification. An individualized education program is required for the child to be included on the form.

Sixty Days Transfer – During the first 60 school days, if a student with disabilities who was included in the prior year December 1, or April 1 headcount leaves or returns to a LEA from a Charter School, the prorated share of funds allocated for that student will be adjusted.

When to notify us – In order to initiate the transfer of funds, the LEA or Charter School receiving the students must notify the School Allotments Section by the 10th of the month following the month the student transferred. For example, if the student transfers to your school on September 1, you need to notify us by october 10. We will initiate the transfer of funds, if you submit this form by the correct due date.

Transferred Student – The student whose name is not included on your school's most recent December 1 or April 1 headcount. For example, if a student transferred from another LEA or Charter School on December 3, this student's name would not be included in your school's most recent December 1 headcount. This student would be included on the transfer form. For the students who attended your school before December 1, their names were already included in your school's most recent December 1, headcount and should not be included on this transfer form.

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