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Visual Impairments

The DPI Visual Impairment Outreach Team
Visual impairment is a low incidence condition, but it can have a high impact on student performance. Material and equipment must be carefully chosen to meet the unique needs of each student with a visual impairment. The Exceptional Children Division of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has developed a Statewide System of Support for Students with Visual Impairments (Visual Impairment, or VI, Outreach Team) to help local education agencies (LEAs) understand and meet the needs of their students with visual impairments.

DPI Visual Impairment Outreach Team

Heather Brooks - VI Education Consultant, 919.345.4066 (Regions 7&8)
Amy Campbell -  VI Education Consultant, 919.807.3985 (Regions 5&6)
Denise Sample - VI Education Consultant 919.807.4036 (Regions 3 &4)
Claire Hakin - Orientation & Mobility Consultant, 919.807.3855 (State-Wide)
Terri Terrell - Administrative Assistant, 919.807.3983
William Tubilleja - VI Education Consultant/APH Ex-Officio, 919.807.3988 (Region 1&2)
Rebecca Scarr - IMC Systems Specialist, 919.807.3888
Sherri Vernelson - Section Chief, Sensory Support & Assistive Technology (SSAT), 919.807.3982

VI Outreach Brochure


UEB Transition
In an effort to support LEAs during the Unified English Braille (UEB) Transition, the EC Division will be providing ongoing technical assistance support. Along with future professional development offered by the Division, there are many resources available to staff from sources around the country that will assist in learning more about UEB. Please go to the link: Unified English Braille Resources for more information. 


Upcoming Events in NC


  • STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities, Oct 15, 10:00 – 12:00 pm, Raleigh NC Museum of Science, Raleigh, Registration
  • NC EC Conference Nov 3 – 5, Greensboro
  • VI Institute, Nov 10, Raleigh @ the Governor Morehead School – Darlene Bogart: CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind, BANA Chair of the UEB Project Committee 1991-2010, Current Board Member BANA including Braille Research Committee, and Adhoc Committee of English Braille: American Edition & Diane Wormsley: Endowed Professor, C&I, Special Education, VI-NCCU School of Education, BANA Strategic Planning Committee, Braille Research Co-Chair, and Adhoc Committee on Early Literacy Materials Production, will present a full day hand-on workshop providing a in-depth look at UEB. General principles of UEB will be discussed as well as information about changes from current code, along with new symbols and rules. Implementation and transition to the new code will be discussed. Partiicipants will have the opportunity to read sample materials and write UEB on braille devices. Limited Perkins Braillers will be available however, attendees are expected to bring their own. This institute is for TVIs, Braillists, Transcribers, Paraprofessionals and anyone responsible for braille production.





VI Outreach Calendar
If you would like to add or update information on this calendar, please contact us at Thanks!



North Carolina VI Outreach

Orientation and Mobility

The Expanded Core Curriculum and the National Agenda


Calendar / Schedule of Events

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